SKU: AMA - Bonelf X

AMA BonELF X, is a special kind of functional wireless headphone, which making the user to hear the music/calling and environmental sound concurrently. This effectively raises the safety as well as convenience when the user running, cycling, driving or even waiting for the visitors at home. Ear-Free just means you don’t need your ears to listen. BonELF X adopts special bone conduction technology. The vibration by BonELF X transmits the sound wave to your eardrum and auditory nerve through your skull, which means you needn’t cover your ear canals with any earphone any more. In this case, your can hear the music and environmental sound at same time.
    • The earphone requiring no ears! Free your ears indeed! Always keep your ear canals open!
    • No compressing your ears absolutely. Earache wouldn’t happen even wearing for hours.
    • IP65 water resistant for BonELF X. No need to worry about sweat or rain during your using.
    • Bluetooth 5.0 ensures over 6 hours of music playing after full charged. No wire trouble!
    • As light as only around 30g! No bound feeling at all! Comfortable indeed!


Product:   BonELF X Wireless Ear-Free Headphone
Frequency Response:   20Hz-20KHz
Microphone Sensitivity:   -42dB ± 3dB
Bluetooth Version:   v5.0
Wireless Range:   10m
Battery:   Rechargeable Lithium Battery, 3.7V 140mAh
Working Duration:   Over 6 hours after Full Charging
Charging Duration:   2-3 hours
Weight:   34g