Axtel Ax-Fhd Portable Video Camera Conference Speaker

SKU: Axtel - AX-FHD Portable Video Camera Conference Speaker

The AX-FHD Portable Video Camera Conference Speaker allows users to turn any room into a smart conference room. The modern and stylish solution that provides superior video and audio quality is ideal for in-office and out-of-office small teams. n nAX-FHD Portable Video Camera Conference Speaker guarantees the ability to hold video conferences regardless of location, even in the toughest conditions. Thanks to innovative artificial intelligence (AI) features such as an advanced background noise cancellation system and Full Duplex technology, which allows for optimal reception of sounds coming from multiple directions, the device allows the user to perform meetings of the highest quality, even when there are several people in the room. n nThe AX-FHD Portable Video Camera Conference Speaker offers excellent 16:9 aspect ratio image quality in Full HD 1080P resolution, a wide viewing angle of up to 96°, as well as optimal anti-flicker and an effective frame rate of 30 frames per second. Excellent visual experience is further ensured by distortion-reducing glass lenses, high-performance sensor – 1/2.9 inch CMOS, Auto Focus and white balance. In addition, this mobile device features an advanced 4-element 360° MEMS microphone with 3D noise reduction for effective sound reception from up to 3 meters away, and a premium full band speaker, making users on both sides feel almost like they are in a face-to-face meeting. n nThe designers of the AX-FHD Portable Video Camera Conference Speaker also took care of functionality and attractive design. The device is made of high-quality, durable yet pleasing materials, has a modern design, compact size and ultra light weight, which makes it ideal for business travel. In addition, the device comes with an integrated 70 cm USB-C cable with adapter to a USB-A connection, while its control is extremely simple and intuitive thanks to Plug & Play function and compatibility with most popular operating systems such as Windows / Mac / Linux. Overall, the AX-FHD Portable Video Camera Conference Speaker provides effective online business communication of the highest quality and in a good style, regardless of the surrounding conditions and location.

Technical Data

Category Professional
Video Resolution Full HD 1080p
Frame Rate 30 FPS
Field of view 96 degree
Focus Adjust Auto Focus
Microphone Internal Digital 4-element 360° microphone
Min. Sensivity f/2.8
Lens Optical glass lens
Image sensor 1/2.9 inches CMOS
Focal length 2,7 mm fixed focus
Video Coding YUV, MJPEG
Plug&Play Yes
Connection Hi-speed USB-C / USB-A adapter
Compatible Windows / Mac / Linux
Cable length 0.7 meters
Warranty 1-year
Part Number AX-FHD-PW