Axtel Prime X1 Mono

SKU: Axtel - Prime X1 mono

Freedom of Communication in Business and Mobility

Perfect conditions for extended phone calls

The Axtel Prime X1 wireless headset was designed for offices and customers alike who consider unrestrained communication and mobility to be a vital part of their business development. The headset possesses the ability to efficiently integrate a solution with a desk phone. Its range of up to 200 meters allows for unrestrained calls while still remaining mobile. The headphones provide both mobility and the highest quality of calls and facilitate performing various tasks and activities during a call. It provides perfect conditions for extended phone calls and long conversations, including battery efficiency which reaches up to 10 hours without charging.

Widespread functionality and application

Its intuitive buttons located on the docking station and headband as well as its multifunctional control button enable the user to choose between answering or declining a call and manage calls efficiently in any given situation.

Additionally, the multifunctional button on the headband is equipped with an embedded LED notification light which is integrated into the docking station and informs other users in an office space that a call is in progress.

The Prime X1 headset is equipped with an advanced noise cancellation system and crystal clear HD sound. All unwanted background noise is eliminated in order to provide optimal conditions for a professional call. Its HD sound quality, suitable for even loud environments, enables full concentration and work continuity.

Noise reduction technology- see how it works

Check better quality of business communication with advanced NC noise reduction technology. Avoid absorbing sounds from the open space of your office and disturbing noise in the headset during your conversation. NC system provides clear sound of every word without any noise from the office. In such convenient conditions consultant can fully focus on the daily tasks and be more efficient at work.

Technical Data

Type of work around the office
Type of environment high noise
Category Wireless
Corded wireless Wireless
Headset connectivity Desk phone
Compatibility Desk phone
Sound quality Wideband
Advanced noise cancellation Strong
Microphone with noise cancellation Yes
Accoustic protection technology 85 / 87 / 105 dB A
Digital signal processing technology Yes
Automatic gain control technology Yes
Plug&play Yes
Wearing style Mono
Wireless technology DECT
Operating range 201 m (DECT)
Talk time 11 h