Jabra Link 14201-45

SKU: Jabra - Link 14201-45

Jabra Link 14201-45 enables remote Electronic Hook Switch Control (EHS) with Jabra wireless headsets and Alcatel phones. Jabra wireless headsets with EHS functionality boost productivity as they provide the users with the ability to answer and end a call, while away from their desk. Jabra Link 14201-45 is compatible with the current range of phones (Alcatel 4038EE, 4068EE, 8028, 8038 and 8068) as well as with the new line of Alcatel phones (8028s, 8058s, 8068s and 8078s). It is supported by the Jabra Pro 9400 Series, Jabra Pro 920/925, Jabra Motion Office, Jabra GO 6470, Jabra GN9120/GN9125, Jabra Engage 65/75.