Plantronics APC-82 EHS Cable – 201081-0

SKU: Plantronics - APC-82 EHS Cable – 201081-0

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    • Compatible with CS500 & W700 series wireless headsets
    • Allows for remote answer/hang-up
    • Receive call alerts when away from your desk
    • Automates taking of calls
Electronic Hook Switches (EHS) communicate electronically with your phone giving your wireless headset answer/end and ring alerts remotely. The use of an EHS cable eliminates the need for an HL10 handset lifter.

Compatible with the following headsets:

CS500 Series: CS510, CS520, CS530, CS540, and all -XD variants
Savi 700 Series: W710, W720, W730, W730, W740, W745 and all -M variants
Savi 8200 Series: W8210, W8220 and all -M variants


Compatible with the following phones:

Cisco 8941, 8945, 8945G, 8946, 8965, 8965G

Cisco Electronic Hookswitch Setup:

Cisco Phone Firmware version is 9.4.1

Enable “E-Hookswitch connected” under Preferences menu. This is on the phone not the server.