Plantronics DA70 USB Audio Processor

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Plantronics DA70 Corded USB Adapter:

    • Connects H-Series headsets to computers and PC’s
    • Enhanced noise-canceling and echo management
TECH TIP:  Call answer/end, mute and volume controls are controlled within your computer’s settings.  Consider the Plantronics DA80 for inline controls.

Plantronics DA70 USB Adapter Benefits:

As you migrate to computer and VoIP telephony systems, having the right equipment makes all the difference.  The Plantronics DA70 audio processor, along with any H-series headset, will make for a smooth transition.  The DA70 plugs into any USB port giving you advanced audio processing, noise-canceling and echo management.  By downloading Plantronics Spokes (free), you gain features and confidence knowing your audio device will work seamlessly with your softphone. With a long cord you will enjoy ample length with your H-series headset attached to reach around your desk.  If you need to walk away or grab a file from afar, simply unplug your headset at the quick disconnect putting your caller on hold.  When you return, re-connecting the quick disconnect joins you back with your caller. Setup is as easy as plugging into your PC, and any necessary drivers are automatically installed on most systems.  You can be up and talking in seconds. TECH TIP:  Call answer/end, mute and volume controls are controlled within your computer’s settings.  Consider the Plantronics DA80 for inline controls.

Plantronics DA70 USB Adapter Features:

  • Compatible with most computers/PC’s
  • Uses any Plantronics H-series headset
  • For individual users, small businesses, and large call centers
  • Entry-level device for seamless softphone transition
  • Small and lightweight for transparent use
  • Quick-disconnect connection allows you to easily unplug
  • Durable and made to last with 2-year warranty