Plantronics EncorePro HW540 Headset

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    • Newest business-grade series weighing 22-32 grams
    • Ear loop (L), Neckband & Headband options included
    • Noise-canceling mic for average to loud environments
    • Quick-Disconnect lets you unplug and walk away
Simplicity is the best way to describe the Plantronics HW540 corded headset.  Classed as a convertible headset, three different wearing options are included, ensuring you find the perfect fit.  You can easily change from over-the-head, over-the-ear, or behind-the-neck styles to find what is most comfortable for your all-day wearing comfort. A flexible noise-canceling microphone allows for perfect positioning, so your callers hear you with less background noise and distractions.  If you choose over-the-ear, the ear hook is bendable and flexible, conforming to your ear for a more secure fit.   For over-the-head users, the headband is adjustable, and the temple pad (on the opposite side from the speaker) is soft and pliable.  With any wearing option, a soft ear cushion rests against your ear, covering the speaker, which provides the latest in audio sound quality.  A clothing clip is included, which helps the headset stay perfectly positioned, as the clip becomes the point where cord pulls are confined, rather than pulling on your headset. As with any H-series headset, you will also need an amplifier or direct-connect cable, depending on your application, to plug into the headset’s quick disconnect.  This is also the connection that allows you to disconnect and walk away from your desk, automatically putting your caller on hold through the headset, then continuing your call once reconnected.  If you’re new to headsets and unsure how you want it to fit, or you want to standardize your users’ choice into a single option, this is an excellent headset choice to simplify your life.
    • 3-in-1 headset allows you to choose your wearing style
    • Freeing your hands for typing and writing increases productivity
    • Designed with quality and comfort being the focal points
    • Flexible microphone for optimal voice clarity
    • Quick-Disconnect cord allows you to easily walk from your desk
    • Lightest in its class of business headsets
    • Soft foam ear cushions provide all-day comfort
    • Laser welded construction for unbeatable toughness


To ensure comfortable all-day wearing, the Plantronics HW540 comes with three different wearing styles, allowing you to choose the most comfortable fit.  You’re also getting the lightest headset in its class weighing as little as 22 grams when worn over the ear.


With many phones raising the standard in audio quality, wideband audio delivers a richer, clearer conversation and reduces listening fatigue.  The Plantronics HW540 also includes SoundGuard technology that protects users from noise spikes and meets OSHA/Noise at Work standards.


The flexible microphone is noise canceling to cut down on back ground noise around you, ensuring your caller will hear you comfortably above any other background noise.  With visual and tactile positioning guides, you will be confident that your headset microphone is positioned perfectly for each call.


The Plantronics HW540 corded headset uses laser-welded construction, and its metal joints are engineered to provide reliability where it matters.  Investing in this headset will provide years of hands-free communication and a most productive work environment.  Increased reliability helps manage costs.

Plantronics HW540 Headset Benefits:

  • Connects to PC or desk phone with Plantronics audio processors.
  • Ideal for Telephone-intensive users, customer care centers, help desks, telesales, and customer service organizations.
  • Hearing protection SoundGuard technology: Acoustic limiting for protection against sounds above 118 dBA.
  • Audio performance Wideband audio (up to 6,800 Hz), noise-canceling microphone.
  • Quick Disconnect™ feature lets you walk away from your phone while still wearing your Encore 540 headset.
  • Adjustable clothing clip for cord management which removes weight and pulling from bottom cord.
  • Warranty: 2-Years for Unsurpassed Durability
  • Operating Frequency: High-Frequency Wideband
  • Headset Weight: 22-32 Grams
  • Compatibility: Plantronics Amplifier, Adapter Audio Processor or Direct Connect Cable
  • Wearing Style: Monaural / Single Ear
  • SKU # 88828-01
  • UPC: 017229142947


This headset is made for a business professional looking for the best possible quality in a corded headset. With one ear covered and the other open, you are always in tune with what’s going on around you and makes it easy to converse with others. The noise-canceling microphone will cut down on background noise, making for a great headset for louder environments.