Plantronics EncorePro HW710 Headset (Premium Series)

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Plantronics HW710 Corded Headset:

    • Premium business grade series weighing only 53 grams
    • Noise-canceling mic for average to loud environments
    • Exceptional sound with leatherette ear cushion
    • Quick-Disconnect lets you unplug and walk away
    • Remember…an amplifier or direct connect cable is required

Plantronics HW710 EncorePro Headset:

If you desire a premium Plantronics headset covering one ear, a telescoping noise-canceling microphone for optimal voice quality, a leatherette ear cushion for all-day wearing comfort, look no further than the Plantronics HW710 EncorePro corded headset. The single-ear version allows you to comfortably hear callers while keeping one ear open to hear what’s going on in the office or to converse with co-workers.  The noise-canceling microphone will reduce background noise, making it easier for your caller to hear your voice.  This allows conversations to flow smoother, with less information being misunderstood or a need to repeat important details like address and credit card information.  With wideband audio, you will take advantage of the latest in audio quality when paired with wideband telephones, making your conversations crisp and clear like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. The headset ends in Plantronics patented quick-disconnect connection.  This connection is what makes every H-series headset universally compatible for almost any application.  All you need is to determine the compatible amplifier or direct connect cable required for your device, then simply plug them together and start communicating.  Common devices include multi-line business phones, computers, and PC’s using soundboard and USB connections, or even tablets and smart phone.   The possibilities are unlimited for hands-free communications!
    • Truly the “Best of the Best” in commercial grade headsets
    • Freeing your hands for typing and writing increases productivity
    • Luxurious comfort means you’ll forget you’re wearing the HW710
    • Superior audio quality helps in never asking to repeat information
    • Quick-Disconnect cord allows you to easily walk away from your desk
    • Ultra light-weight design using premium nylon composite materials
    • Plush leatherette ear pads provide all-day comfort with the HW710
    • Reinforced, lightweight headband provides strength and durability
    • Extendable microphone ensure precise positioning


Plush ear cushions and premium lightweight materials provide hours of comfortable wear.  Never before has a headset fit so comfortably that you’ll routinely forget you have it on.  With the leatherette ear cushion and adjustable headset you’re sure to find the perfect fit for all day wearing.


High-frequency wideband support ensures crystal clarity during customer conversations with the EncorePro HW710.  Hearing better means never mis-communicating important information or the need to ask for something to be repeated.  Hear everything correctly the first time!


Ensures precise microphone positioning so customers hear every word.  The noise-canceling microphone of the EncorePro HW710 extends and is low-sitting which allows  you to position the tip of the microphone at the edge of your mouth for perfect placement.  This allows your caller to hear your voice as it cuts down on background noise around you.


Provides superior balance, fit, comfort and can be worn on either ear.  Having the flexibility of a headset to be configurable for either ear and also an adjustable headband sets the EncorePro far apart from would-be competitor headsets.

HW710 EncorePro Headset Features:

  • Superior comfort and lightweight. Plush ear cushions and premium lightweight materials provide hours of comfortable wear.
  • Extendable microphone. The HW710 ensures precise microphone positioning so customers hear every word.
  • Advanced ergonomic design. Provides superior balance, fit, comfort and can be worn on either ear.
  • Choose your preferred fit:
    – Single earpiece (HW710 Monaural) can be worn on either ear to let you hear the conversation and what’s going on around you.
    – Dual earpiece (HW720 Binaural) – cuts out distracting background noises.
  • Quick Disconnect™ feature lets you walk away from your phone while still wearing your HW710 EncorePro headset.
  • Adjustable clothing clip for cord management which removes weight and pulling from bottom cord.
  • Supports AudioIQ® and Clearline™ audio technologies.
  • Ensures precise listening level, sophisticated hearing protection and superior audio performance.
  • Warranty: 2-Years for Unsurpassed Durability
  • Operating Frequency: High-Frequency Wideband
  • Headset Weight: 53 Grams
  • Compatibility: Plantronics Amplifier, Adapter Audio Processor or Direct Connect Cable
  • Wearing Style: Monaural / Single Ear

The HW710 is a headset made for a business professional looking for the best possible quality in a corded headset. With one ear covered and the other open, the HW710 keeps you in tune with what’s going on around you and makes it easy to converse with others. The noise-canceling microphone will cut down on background noise, making the HW710 a great headset for louder environments. It will be priced approximately 30-35{541a3531fe0e177a9d0713b229392b590f06d2ed930c461ff620736a042c2cbb} higher than other mid range commercial-grade headsets, so a higher headset budget will be needed.