Plantronics HIS Direct Cable – 72442-41

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HIS cable (# 72442-41) is used as an Avaya Direct Connect Cable which connects an H-series headset into a compatible phone. Understanding Direct Connect Cables vs. Amplifiers: When using any H-series headset, a Direct Connect Cable or amplifier is required to plug in between your headset and phone.  Using a Direct Connect Cable will save you money versus an amplifier, but an amplifier will provide optimum sound quality and volume controls. Direct Connect Cable: Less expensive Easy to install into headset port Takes up virtually no desk space Limited to use with compatible phones only (Your future phone may not be compatible and require an amplifier) Amplifier:(Plantronics M22) Compatible with most phones Battery or AC powered to provide optimal sound quality Speaker volume adjustment Microphone volume adjustment (Key point that Direct Connect Cable doesn’t have) Lifting handset with each call may be required, depending on your phone