Plantronics Savi W745-M Wireless Headset for Skype

SKU: Plantronics - Savi W745-M Wireless Headset for Skype

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    • Made specifically for Microsoft Skype for Business
    • One headset for your desk phone, mobile phone & PC
    • Business grade headset weighing only 21 grams
    • Unlimited Talk time with 2 hot swappable batteries
    • Three different wearing styles are included
    • Add an EHS cable/HL10 lifter for remote answer

Plantronics W745-M Wireless Benefits:

Only Compatible with Microsoft Skype for Business (Lync & Office Communicator) Includes spare battery and deluxe charging cradle
    • Convenience of 1 headset for your desk phone, mobile & computer
    • Includes 2 batteries allowing one to charge while other is in use
    • Improve productivity by being wireless thereby freeing up your hands
    • Gather files or reference materials while talking on the headset
    • Endless talk time with deluxe charging cradle and spare battery
    • You will repeat information less with incredible sound quality
    • The W745-M is one of our lightest headset only weighing 21 grams
    • Move freely through your office with 350+ feet of range
    • Three wearing options: Over-the-head. over-the-ear and behind-the-neck
    • To avoid Wi-Fi impairment, the Savi W745-M has DECT technology
    • Adaptive power optimizes distance and talk-time performance
Change the way you communicate with customers and other professionals with the Savi 745-M. Effortlessly control your multiple devices (PC, Desk phone, Mobile, ect) with one headset and talk to multiple people at the same time. Plantronics Savi 745-M (which includes spare battery and charging cradle) is the lightest DECT™ available with multiple wearing styles for your comfort. This headset also includes a Unified Communications system which will update your current talk status on your phone or computer devices, so you are not interrupted on an important call. This highly technical system offers hands-free flexibility, hours of call time, and excellent audio quality for ultimate productivity. Once you have purchased the Plantronics Savi 745-M you will wonder how you ever got by without it.

Plantronics W745-M Wireless Features:

Only Compatible with Microsoft Skype for Business (Lync & Office Communicator)
Includes spare battery and deluxe charging cradle

  • Easily able to switch audio between your computer, desk, and mobile devices with the Savi W745-M.
  • When you are on a call, UC will update your current status automatically
  • Savi series gives the ability to have multiple headsets per conference calls
  • Savi offers DECT 6.0 capability which enables 350 feet of range from its base
  • The energy efficient power system improves range and allows for 7 hours of call time
  • The Savi W745-M weighs only 21 grams which makes it the lightest DECT available
  • Capable to swap batteries for longer call period (Additional batteries are sold separately)
  • To reduce background noise and create more natural sounds, Plantronics developed a noise-reducing microphone and Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • CAT-iq technology enables advanced wideband audio to create clearer conversations
  • For remote answer you can order the HL10 Handset Lifter
  • Associated with the wireless Savi 700 series
  • 1 Year Warranty