Plantronics U10 Direct Cable – 26716-01

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U10 cable (# 26716-01) is used as a Cisco IP Direct Connect Cable which connects an H-series headset into a compatible phone. It is also the coiled cable included with the Plantronics M-series amplifiers that a headset plugs into. TECH TIP: Cord stretches to give approximately 10 feet of length Compatible with: M10, MX10, M12, M22 and Cisco IP Compatible Telephones Understanding Direct Connect Cables vs. Amplifiers: When using any H-series headset, a Direct Connect Cable or amplifier is required to plug in between your headset and phone.  Using a Direct Connect Cable will save you money versus an amplifier, but an amplifier will provide optimum sound quality and volume controls. Direct Connect Cable:
    • Less expensive
    • Easy to install into headset port
    • Takes up virtually no desk space
    • Limited to use with compatible phones only (Your future phone may not be compatible and require an amplifier)
Amplifier: (Plantronics M22)
    • Compatible with most phones
    • Battery or AC powered to provide optimal sound quality
    • Speaker volume adjustment
    • Microphone volume adjustment (Key point that Direct Connect Cable doesn’t have)
    • Lifting handset with each call may be required, depending on your phone