Poly G40-T

SKU: Polycom - Poly G40-T


Small/medium room system for Microsoft Teams

    • Keep your meetings rooms neat
    • Poly NoiseBlock, Acoustic Fence, and Poly MeetingAI
    • Arrange the conference room to fit your needs

Poly power meets Microsoft Teams

Superior audio and video go clutter free for simply better meetings

Poly room solution for Microsoft Teams delivers a clutter-free cabling and simple installation, combined with powerful Poly audio and video available for any size room.

Keep the clutter out

No more cable clutter on the table or on the floor
Poly solution for Microsoft Teams Rooms is designed to keep the clutter out by separating PC in the cabinet or behind the monitor and the touch controller on the conference table with just single, long USB cable.

Stay engaged

Poly signature technologies keeps you focused
Feel connected with group framing/speaker tracking camera; Block out distractions with Noiseblock and AcousticFense, and keep everyone engaged

For every room

Solution that scales from small to large conference rooms
From small to large, Poly has you covered. Clutter-free design and single cabling to the touch controller, combined with USB audio and video ideal for small rooms to the videoconference camera and powerful speakerphone fit for large number of people and room size, are available